Technical knowledge is measured by performance, its precise and strategic use in high-pressure situations.


Wilson Jackson is uncompromising when it comes to the numbers.

How they function in businesses and capital markets is our passion—grounding our judgement of a client’s given situation and future growth.

Yet knowledge of the numbers is just the beginning.

While we privilege engineering and mathematics backgrounds in our working teams, we foster a culture of pragmatic and innovative thinking. Financial analysis is only as good as the ability to discern—and realize—greater value potential.

Wilson Jackson delivers:

  • Expert advice on valuation optimization, transaction process and the best way forward
  • Acute understanding of industry-specific issues, market dynamics and capital structures.
  • Thorough analysis of a company’s strategic positioning and potential within its market.
  • Targeted access to our extensive global network for sourcing strategic buyers.
  • Value-creation through astute use of today’s most sophisticated financial tools


The capacity to judge well is the cornerstone of success.

A blend of professional intuition, experienced reasoning and decisive action define Wilson Jackson’s made-to-measure approach to client service.

Our greatest asset is giving the right advice at the right time.

It is also putting the right people together at the right time. Using our vast network, we seamlessly orchestrate financial transactions with executive yet judicious rigor, reducing even the most complex financial concerns into a clear road ahead.

Wilson Jackson promises:

  • Outstanding and rapid execution, from first contact to final deal-signing negotiation tactics
  • Mastery of the competitive process for negotiation leverage and ultimate price optimization.
  • A goal-oriented mindset with integrity and respect for professional relationships
  • Client service based on responsive and open communication
  • Advisory solutions as unique as each individual client’s situation and goals

Our People

The quality of Wilson Jackson’s advisory services is the result of a dynamic and rich work culture. We attract, mentor and retain top-rate professionals so our clients can expect only the best.